Skrevet av Emne: Eschenbachs herlige kvasiterminologi for kvasivitenskap  (Lest 380 ganger)


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Willis Eschenbach satt og spekulerte på hvordan man tolker klimaalarmistspråket, og fant ut at han like godt kunne lage sitt eget dictionary i saken (advarsel: ikke le på dere brokk her):

TERM                                                    DEFINITION

an expected result of global warming — “We predicted warming and got a heavy snowfall instead”.
anthropogenic — see “human fingerprint”.
anthropogenic change — “It’s warmer than usual”.
anthropogenic climate change — “Weather we don’t like”.
autocorrelation — “Say what? We don’t have to deal with that”.
Bonferroni correction — see “autocorrelation”
carbon dioxide — “The secret knob that controls the climate”.
cause — “Greenhouse gases”
climate — “It’s warmer than usual”.
climate change — “What ‘global warming’ became after we repeatedly predicted warming and got heavy snowfalls instead”.
climate feedback — see “natural variability”.
confounding factors — “Things that we choose to ignore.”
coupled non-linear chaotic system — ” y = ax + b “
effect — “dangerous anthropogenic global warming”
external forces — see “other factors”
human fingerprint — “We can’t explain what caused it, so it must be from people acting badly”.
hundred-year flood — “Any flood recurring more than one news cycle apart”.
Industrial Revolution — “The time of the climate Eden when the temperature was exactly right”.
IPCC Conference of the Parties — “A recurring party attended by only the wokest of the woke”.
it is well known — “I believe this”.
it’s a boundary value problem — “This depends on future boundaries we can’t predict but we’ll act like we can.”
multiproxy study — “We left out the proxies that don’t agree with our theory”.
natural climate fluctuation — “We don’t know why it goes up and down”.
natural variability — “We have no idea what the cause was”.
naturally occurring dynamics — “Something happened that we can’t explain”.
other factors — “Deus ex machina”.
predicted sea level rise — “Run for the hills! We’ll all be drowned!”
projections — “It’s a forecast but we don’t stand behind it”.
proxies show — “One tree in Yamal had this to say”.
regime change — “Cause and effect just went 180° out of phase for no reason”.
renewable energy — “This solution requires extensive subsidies”.
requires further study — “Give us more taxpayer money”.
social cost of carbon — “Our analyses will completely ignore the benefits of fossil fuels and the greening of the planet”.
the effect of various lag times — “Things that don’t line up can be made to line up”.
weather — “It’s colder than usual”.
well within expectations – “It’s colder than usual”.

Finally, we have the IPCC Likelihood Scale:

Virtually certain – “All my cool scientist friends agree”.
Very likely – “We really hope this is true”.
Likely – “Two climate models out of three agree”.
About as likely as not – “Nobody has a clue”.
Unlikely – “This outcome offends us”.
Very unlikely – “We really don’t want you going down that path”.
Exceptionally unlikely – “Stephen McIntyre said it first so it can’t possibly be true.”

Best to all,

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