Author Topic: Ny type gasskraftverk  (Read 893 times)


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Ny type gasskraftverk
« on: 05.03.2017, 14:40:25 »
Her er en ny type gasskraftverk som er under bygging. Det blir påstått at man produserer elektrisitet til samme pris som vanlige kraftverk og 100% av CO2 kan fanges og brukes til oljeutvinning. Dette burde være noe som kunne brukes i Nordsjøen hvis det virker:

Allam's cycle doesn't use steam. Instead, the so-called working fluid that turns the turbine is carbon dioxide itself. The CO2, under pressure and heated to a manageable 1,000 degrees, is kept in a supercritical state, in which it can expand to fill its container like a gas, yet has the density of a liquid. Instead of pouring into the sky, that CO2 gets cycled in a loop, spinning the turbines that power the generators. Combustion continually adds additional CO2, while excess CO2 is directed off into a pipeline.

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