Om betydningen av å være Charlie

Started by Bebben, 03.03.2017, 22:05:43

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Spiked Online har et svært lesverdig intervju med sjefsredaktøren i Charlie Hebdo, Gérard Biard.

Et par høydepunkter...

Om konsekvensen av Muhammed-tegningene i Jyllandsposten (min utheving):

QuoteMore than 10 years later, Biardâ??s only regret is that more publications didnâ??t follow Charlie Hebdoâ??s example. â??There were thousands of articles published on the consequences of publishing the cartoons. There was not one on the consequences of not publishing them. And the consequences of not publishing them, we are paying today. We have, from the offset, given into blackmail, into violent blackmail, into a racket. The principle of a racket is the more you give in to it, the more the price to pay rises. Today we pay for the fact that very few people and very few newspapers dared not to give in to this racket â?? which is a religious racket, a totalitarian racket and which comes from undemocratic states.â??

Om respekt for muslimer:

Quoteâ??They did not ask themselves the question: what does it mean not to publish them, to refuse to publish the caricatures? Because refusing to publish them, by saying that it was because of so-called respect for the Muslim population, is not respect; it is contempt. It is to consider Muslims as people who have no sense of humour, who are not capable of thinking about society, who are not capable of accepting a view different to their own. Itâ??s basically saying they are uncivilised. Thatâ??s what itâ??s saying. It is we who respect Muslims by publishing these caricatures. By making these caricatures we are treating them as people who are adults, who are responsible and intelligent.â??

Det anbefales å lese alt sammen!

Jo dårligere tider, jo bedre skjemt! (Ernst Röhl)