Skrevet av Emne: Klok energi- og miljø-politikk  (Lest 621 ganger)


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Klok energi- og miljø-politikk
« på: 16.11.2016, 21:44:27 »
Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard) gir her en kort beskrivelse av hva en fornuftig energi- og miljø-politikk kan innebære:

A Sane Energy/Environmental Policy
Posted on November 14, 2016 by tonyheller
President Obama said “my plan will necessarily make electricity prices skyrocket”
These are the words of a madman, a societal saboteur. No one in their right mind would think or say anything like that. Sane energy policy requires low cost, abundant, reliable energy. It also requires that we stop wasting our reserves of hydrocarbon based fuels.

Les mer her:
Det er tanken som teller :-)


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Sv: Klok energi- og miljø-politikk
« Svar #1 på: 16.11.2016, 23:12:24 »
Petter, Heller treffer blink med den. Han beskriver det som i gamle dager ble kalt miljøvern  :)

Her er noen regnestykker som setter "Det Grønne Skiftet" i perspektiv:

According to Tesla here, total battery capacity production in 2013 was only 34 gigawatt-hours. Rounding the figure up to 35 giganwatt-hours, you would need to increase the global annual production of lithium-ion batteries by some 300-fold just to cover Germany’s power supply for a single week. Or in other words, the current global annual production capacity would be enough to cover Germany’s power demand for a whole 30 minutes!

Globally, an entire year’s production of lithium batteries would supply the global demand for about a single minute. And this is without taking losses from factors such as efficiency and age into account.
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