Skrevet av Emne: CO2 - en klimagass?  (Lest 8864 ganger)


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Sv: CO2 - en klimagass?
« Svar #60 på: 07.10.2017, 20:54:22 »
Siste om målinger av Vostok-isen i Antarktis, Al Gores "smoking gun" bevis:

News From Vostok Ice Cores

General CO2-lag in ice-core records and the lack of warming over the last 8000 years of extraordinary increase in CO2 show that the hypothesis of significant warming of the atmosphere by CO2 over the last century is absurd. Attribution of derivative effects (i.e. “climate change”) to CO2 is, therefore, ridiculous. These fictions, the dire prophecies that attend them and the disparagement of those that question them, however, are vigorously promoted and widely accepted. They seem to be as important socially as they are false scientifically.

og inne i teksten:
Modern climate-science contends that CO2 is a powerful greenhouse gas that controls atmospheric temperature. Since cause must precede effect, lag shows that CO2 above the minimum level of 180 ppm in the Vostok record has no significant effect on temperature.

Kan det sies klarere?
Det er tanken som teller :-)