Brexit kan redde energiforsyningen i UK

Started by Ryddegutt, 21.06.2016, 21:35:00

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UK er ved siden av Tyskland og Danmark det landet som ødelagt mest av sin energiforsyning utfra blind tro på løgnene om hvor bra det er med "grønn energi". En artikkel i The Telegraph forteller om mulighetene som kan åpne seg ved Brexit:

QuoteLast month, the Commons Energy Select Committee asked me to give oral evidence on the implications of a Brexit for the energy sector. My message was clear: a vote to leave can help restore policy integrity to a sector in deep trouble.

EU policies have done real damage to our security of supply. They have forced the premature closure of coal and oil-fired power stations before their replacements are ready. This issue is the main reason for Britain's looming energy crunch.

Japan lot seg aldri lure til å begynne med:

QuoteTakafumi Kakudo, director of the clean coal division at the Japanese ministry of economy, trade and industry has stated in an interview, "It is not realistic to quit coal entirely."

Kakudo was responding to questions as to why Japan was not being deterred from its coal power programme in the face of the global deal to curb coal in Paris in December.

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