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Uvitenskaplige journaler
« on: 13.06.2016, 13:45:09 »
Her er en av grunnene til at noen av de såkalte "vitenskaplige journaler" ikke bør betraktes som så veldig "vitenskaplige":

For example, well known climate scientists James Hansen and Katharine Hayhoe serve on the Board of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), which exists “to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power.” They and numerous other AGU members (including me) volunteer with CCL to advocate a steadily increasing national revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend with border adjustments to protect trade and induce other nations to put a price on fossil carbon too.  To build the political will for this solution, we give public presentations on both climate science and climate change solutions, give radio and television interviews, write blogs, columns and letters in various media, and meet with members of the U.S. Congress.

Man skal være over middels naiv hvis man tror på dette som sier her:

As an Editor-in-Chief for an AGU journal, I am particularly mindful of the need to distinguish between science and policy.  Although I am sufficiently convinced of the human role in climate change to advocate policy, as an Editor I take care to apply the same formal review process to all manuscripts, focusing on the evidence that supports the science.

Kilde: Judith Curry

Det kan være på sin plass å minne om denne mailen fra bedrageren Mann til sine medkjeltringer i CRU/IPCC:

… basically this is just a heads up to people that something might be up here. What a shame that would be. It's one thing to lose "Climate Research". We can't afford to lose GRL. I think it would be useful if people begin to record their experiences w/ both Saiers and potentially Mackwell (I don't know him--he would seem to be complicit w what is going on here). If there is a clear body of evidence that something is amiss, it could be taken through the proper channels. I don't that the entire AGU hierarchy has yet been compromised!

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