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Oppsummering av professor Philip Lloyd
« på: 08.04.2016, 19:58:20 »
IPCC co-coordinating lead author professor Philip Lloyd har en leseverdig oppsummering av de faktiske forholdene rundt CO2 hysteriet på wuwt i dag. De fleste har vel allerede lest dette, men det kan være greit å legge en link her på dette forumet her som et "bookmark:;

Daily we are told that we are wicked to burn fossil fuels.  The carbon dioxide which is inevitably emitted accumulates in the atmosphere and the result is “climate change.” If the stories are to believed, disaster awaits us. Crops will wither, rivers will dry up, polar bears will disappear and malaria will become rampant.

It is a very big “IF”. We could waste trillions for nothing.  Indeed, Lord Stern has estimated that it would be worth spending a few trillion dollars each year to avoid a possible disaster in 200 years’ time.