Author Topic: Hvordan stoppe klimaendringer  (Read 1082 times)


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Hvordan stoppe klimaendringer
« on: 09.01.2016, 19:23:18 »
Klimaet er reddet, alle klimaendringer vil stoppe når tiltakene begynner å virke:

World  Saved!!

Climate settled.

Quite relieved the editors remind you of the decisions taken on that memorable day:

The really united nations joined to

shut off all volcanoes;
stop continental drift;
stabilize the sun;
remove the moon and the other planets;
finish the change in ocean currents both horizontal and vertical;
asphaltize the rain forrests in Amazonia, Africa & Indonesia
prevent all comet impacts;
kill all flying insects that produce 10 x as much CO2 as mankind with all its machines;
arrest undermining carbonat formation;
forbid procreation;
zero tolerate forest fires


Call on all still functioning Gods to take those measures which mankind in its humility forgot.
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