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Dagens mail:-)

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While the fossil fuel industry suffered some major defeats in 2015 (the Paris Climate Agreement, rejection of Keystone XL, and several major coal company bankruptcies, to name a few), now is not the time to rest.

We need to double down in 2016 and we need your help urgently to push the world rapidly towards the end of fossil fuels.

Please send us your most generous year-end donation right away and support independent journalism in 2016.

Despite the setbacks suffered by oil and coal, the fossil fuel industry also got some year-end gifts that lock the world into dangerous emissions - the lifting of the crude oil export ban, which we've written extensively about, is among those ill-deserved gifts.

Our hard-hitting investigative reporting on DeSmog played a significant role in uncovering the scandals that plagued the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline debate.

DeSmog was on the ground at the Paris climate summit with a team of journalists and researchers from the UK, Canada, United States and Australia. In Paris we held climate deniers and fossil fuel lobbyists to account and thanks to your generous support and our hardworking team we saw their deny and delay tactics flop.

Now we're turning our attention to exposing the fossil fuel industry's misinformation and deception campaigns to delay accountability for their pollution legacy.

ExxonMobil, the Koch Brothers, Peabody Energy and other polluters are running scared because they know government and public interest lawyers are hot on their heels to hold them accountable for delaying climate action and misleading us all.

Our team of journalists and researchers are chasing fresh internal documents from oil companies that fueled climate denial despite their scientific knowledge. We're also getting closer every day to cracking the identities of more funders of climate denial who hide behind the curtains of the dark money ATM, Donors Trust.

Can you make a generous year-end donation to help us kickstart our 2016 investigations?

Brendan DeMelle,

Executive Director, DeSmog

P.S. We rely on individual donors like you. Please make a generous donation now.

* Donations are not tax deductible (but our hugs of gratitude are free)!
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