Kina: "Ren" solkraft fra "skittent" kull

Started by ConTrari1, 07.08.2021, 10:22:31

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Kineserne må more seg kostelig over vestlig idioti og naivitet. Venstresiden har utnevnt dem til klimareddere, så de er immune for enhver kritikk, selv når de nekter innsyn i sine oppgitte opplysninger om utslipp. Er man på den "riktige" siden, lukkes øyne, ører og munn.

Solceller kommer for det meste fra Kina, de har visse fordeler:

Most of the solar panels installed in the U.S. and Europe are produced with coal-burning plants in China.

There have been concerns that the solar industry's reliance on Chinese coal will increase emissions over time. Manufacturers rapidly scale up the production of solar panels to meet the demand of the public, making the solar industry one of the most significant polluters in the world.

China's low-cost, coal-fired electricity gave the country's solar-panel manufacturers a competitive advantage that allowed them to dominate global markets. Chinese factories supply over three-quarters of the world's polysilicon, which is essential in the production of solar panels.

Producing solar panels in China creates much more carbon dioxide than in Europe, said Cornell University energy systems professor Fengqi You. He also said that in countries or regions that don't rely heavily on fossil fuels, such as Norway and France, installing a high-carbon, Chinese-made solar panel might not reduce emissions at all.

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