Boris går i grønn Biden-felle

Started by ConTrari1, 06.07.2021, 10:45:45

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Paul Homewood skriver på Conservativewoman om hvordan Boris Johnson har forregnet seg en smule i sin iver etter å være minst like "grønn" som Biden i USA.

Johnson's out on a limb after Biden's green climbdown.

IN April Joe Biden pledged to cut US carbon emissions by 50-52 per cent below 2005 levels by the end of this decade, essentially doubling the previous plan. This added to his earlier promise to decarbonise the electricity system completely by 2035.

Men etter motstand fra Republikanerne og neon Demokrater, ble dette høvlet dramatisk ned i Kongressen:

Instead of $2trillion, only $579million of new money has been voted, and this is spread over eight years. In US terms, this is chicken feed.

Much worse for Biden is the fact that nearly all of this spending is going to genuine infrastructure works. Money for green projects has been whittled to the bone.

With most of the world already refusing to be bullied into cutting emissions, this latest news from the US leaves the UK and EU totally out on a limb. How long before it snaps off?
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