Noe så smart som en termostat

Started by ConTrari1, 21.06.2021, 17:23:19

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...har du aldri sett, gett. Du behøver ikke gjøre noe selv for å forhindre en energikrise. For termostaten er fjernstyrt til å øke temperaturen, slik at air condition først slår inn når huset er skikkelig varmt.

Texas residents had the temperature in their homes raised on their web-connected smart thermostats without their permission during a heat wave.
Prior to their home temperatures being raised to 78 degrees (25,5 C), the state's electricity operators had warned of another round of power shortages due to people running their air conditioners too much.

Man kunne melde seg på en konkurranse der premien var ett års gratis strøm.

The report continues on to explain that "it turns out, people had handed over control of their thermostats – at least some people not realizing it – when they signed up for a sweepstakes called 'Smart Savers Texas' operated by a company called Energy Hub. The sweepstakes entered them into a contest to win free electricity for a year."

To enter the sweepstakes, customers had to opt-into in to a program that allows the power companies to remotely adjust their home thermostats when energy demands are high.

Deer Park resident Brandon English told KHOU that when he got home from work his house was unbearably hot. He has a three month old baby and was also concerned about her safety as they were taking an afternoon nap when the three hour "energy saver" event began.

Spebarn er svært følsomme overfor slik varme og kan lett bli dehydrert. Så denne mannen droppet ut av programmet. Termostater er skumle saker, det så vi i presidentvalget, der Dominion-tellemaskinene som det ble hevdet ikke var knyttet til nettet, var nettopp det, via en termostat.

Edit: Og lyspærer, kan ikke stole på de heller. Jeg kaster et mistenksomt blikk på mitt gamle stearinlys. Kan det være hacket?

We've all heard the horror stories of hackers remotely steering smart cars off the road, but even the smallest of smart devices can lead to big problems if they're not monitored carefully.

This was on full display when a flaw was discovered that exposed the home networks of people using the very popular Philips Hue smart bulbs. Researchers from cyber security firm Check Point revealed how a bug enabled them to infiltrate the bulbs with a drone that hovers outside a building. They were able to gain access to the bulbs as well as the control bridge that leads to the users' network, which means it is possible to compromise a person's home network or even that of a business or smart city using the bulbs.
Du må være litt gal, ellers blir du gæærn.


Dette er det laget en ganske bra Hollywood-film av også:
"Media har sluttet å granske makthaverne på vegne av innbyggerne.
I stedet har de begynt å granske innbyggerne på vegne av makthaverne"
---------Helena Edlund


Quote from: translator on 21.06.2021, 18:04:43
Dette er det laget en ganske bra Hollywood-film av også:

Mike Regan is a self-made aviation tycoon who lives in a state-of-the-art smart house full of modern technology with his wife Rose and 17-year-old daughter Kaitlyn.

Høh, dette er gammelt nytt. I filmen "Mon Oncle" (Tati 1958), vises et "smarthus" anno 1950-tallet, som er forbløffende likt det som markedsføres i dag som "Fremtidens Hus". Her styres det meste av en AI-aktig pseudo-menneskelig datamaskin som dominerer beboerne. 

M. Hulot (Jacques Tati) is the dreamy, impractical, and adored uncle of nine-year-old Gérard Arpel, who lives with his materialistic parents, M. and Mme. Arpel, in an ultra-modern geometric house and garden, Villa Arpel, in a new suburb of Paris, situated just beyond the crumbling stone buildings of the old neighborhoods of the city. Gérard's parents are entrenched in a machine-like existence of work, fixed gender roles, the acquisition of status through possessions, and conspicuous displays to impress guests, such as the fish-shaped fountain at the center of the garden that, in a running gag, Mme. Arpel activates only for important visitors.

Despite the superficial beauty of its modern design,[11] the Arpels' home is entirely impersonal, as are the Arpels themselves. In fact, M. and Mme. Arpel have completely subordinated their individuality to maintain their social position and their shiny new possessions.

I 2014 ble et vist modellen av dette huset fra filmen på biennalen i Venezia, der vinduer fungerer som overvåkende øyner, virkelig en morsom sak, dessverre får jeg ikke lagt inn bilder her.
Du må være litt gal, ellers blir du gæærn.