Author Topic: Dine nettsøk kan avgjøre din kredittverdighet  (Read 317 times)


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Dine nettsøk kan avgjøre din kredittverdighet
« on: 21.01.2021, 10:21:26 »
Med stormskritt mot globalt undertrykkende regime?

In a blog post courtesy of the International Monetary Fund, IMF researchers Arnoud Boot, Peter Hoffmann, Luc Laeven, and Lev Ratnovski called for internet search history to be tied to credit score.

Presenting their findings from a paper they wrote, the researchers argue that by using non-financial data, specifically “the history of online searches and purchases,” we can solve the problem of “certain kinds of people not having enough hard data (income, employment time, assets and debts) available.”

It should go without saying that giving this organization the power to track everyone’s search history can lead to some dark ramifications. With private banks, notably JPMorgan and Chase Bank, already kicking conservatives off of their services, one can only imagine how much this would escalate with the IMF tracking everyone’s search history. While there has been bipartisan opposition to the Chinese Social Credit system in Congress, the distinctions between that system and what the IMF is pushing for remains ill-defined.

The IMF, including some of the writers of the blog post, have ties to both the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Initiative and the Joe Biden Transition Team.

Husk å ha de rette meningene og eventuelt slette din søk-historie på nettet dersom du trenger lån i fremtiden.

NB Oppfordrer på det sterkeste at alle som kan, støtter Joanne Nova i hennes arbeid. Det er ikke bare klima, hun har gjort en stor og modig jobb med å dekke valget i USA, MSM er visstnok like ensrettet i Australia som her hjemme.
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