Author Topic: Ingen oppvarming siden 1930 -tallet  (Read 491 times)


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Ingen oppvarming siden 1930 -tallet
« on: 04.07.2020, 09:16:54 »
Det viser en studie om vekstforhold for trær i Nord-Finland; “the most suitable place in the world for temperature reconstruction”.

Tree density analysis, MXD, has a “more prominent association with temperature” than measuring tree ring widths because it can more clearly separate precipitation factors affecting tree growth from temperature-limiting factors (Bjorklund et al., 2020).

Northern Finland is characterized as “the most suitable place in the world for temperature reconstruction” because it sits on the edge of where trees can or cannot grow (or survive) due to clearly defined temperature limits on growth.

Pinus sylvestris (29 trees) from northeastern Finland indicate the warmest interval since 1876 occurred in the 1930s, and since then there has been no net warming. This is visible in both tree ring width (RW) and density (MXD) analysis.

Men så lenge det er politisk besluttet ved håndsopprekking at kloden koker, så kan jo ikke dette være riktig / sarcoff.
Du må være litt gal, ellers blir du gæærn.