Author Topic: Lege advarer mot gigant-solkraft anlegg i England  (Read 472 times)


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Lege advarer mot gigant-solkraft anlegg i England
« on: 25.03.2020, 11:16:52 »

"Britain’s largest solar farm is currently wending its way through the planning system. Not only will it be the biggest at 350MW and 890 acres, but crucially it will include battery storage of 700 MWh. And it is the prospect of this that is frightening local residents, as this open letter from the local doctor explains:

"...It is well established that Li-ion batteries are prone to runaway fires which can lead to explosions. Indeed, such fires at much smaller installations in the USA has led regulators to question the use of such batteries and pause further developments, especially close to habitation. The larger the BESS, the greater is the risk of a runaway fire. In the event of a fire Li-ion batteries emit a cloud of highly toxic Hydrogen Fluoride which can spread at dangerously high levels over distances of 1-2 miles, enveloping the town of Faversham and nearby coastal communities. These effects were modelled in detail in evidence to the Cleve Hill Examination."

Er dette et eksempel på at helse og sikkerhet overkjøres av ideologiske hensyn til det "grønne skiftet"? En ulykke med et slikt gigant-batteri er et skremmende scenario. Og hva med lokal befolkningen? Skal de leve i frykt på ubestemt tid? Hva med eiendomspriser, hvem tar ansvar for alle negative aspekter ved dette anlegget?
Du må være litt gal, ellers blir du gæærn.