Author Topic: Slutt på flyreiser i England om 30 år  (Read 42 times)


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Slutt på flyreiser i England om 30 år
« on: 19.02.2020, 10:58:57 »
For å nå det vedtatte null-utslipp målet i 2050, må UK gjøre drastiske tiltak. Bl.a. legge ned alle lufthavner i landet. Stor fremtid for Greta-cruise fra øyriket til COP-konferanser!

"If it is to achieve its target of net zero climate emissions by 2050, all UK airports must close by mid-century and the country will have to make other drastic and fundamental lifestyle changes, says a report from a research group backed by the government in London.

With the UK due to host this year’s round of crucial UN climate talks in Glasgow in November, a group of academics has embarrassed the British government by showing it has currently no chance of meeting its own legally binding target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to nothing within 30 years.

Their report, Absolute Zero, published by the University of Cambridge, says no amount of government or public wishful thinking will hide the fact that the country will not reach zero emissions by 2050 without barely conceivable changes to policies, industrial processes and lifestyles. "