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Glemte å nevne at Andy May har en god omtale hos Watts:

The Rational Climate eBook by P. Poyet, 2020
Fantastisk grundig gratis (!) eBook.  Utrolig at en person alene har skrevet dette.
Har bare så vidt begynt å skumme igjennom.  Mye går over min kunnskap om diffligningernetc.
Skikkelig utfordring.
Advarsel:  Langlesing  8)

Fra konklusjon (etter grundig dokumentasjon i boken):
Let's summarize a bit where we stand:
As far as Physics is concerned:
• Arrhenius calculations were wrong and his conjecture is flawed: CO2 only plays a marginal role in the climate
system ;
• Anthropic CO2 is a tiny 6% of the overall atmospheric CO2 concentration as most of the total increase has come
from a natural process, i.e. the out-gassing of the oceans due to a natural increase of the global temperature
since the end of LIA ; the residency time in the atmosphere of each CO2 molecule is less than six years414;
• Because of a very obvious reason, i.e. Henry's law, CO2 follows T and not the other way round, effect cannot
precede cause, therefore the AGW theory is based on an erroneous causation ;
• Temperature results essentially from the gravitation lapse rate ;
• 99.9618% of the CO2 ever present in the atmosphere has been removed by various natural processes (mainly
weathering) over geological times and stored in one form or another; longer term the lack of CO2 is the risk;
• Atmospheric sensitivity to CO2 is greatly exaggerated and the role of water vapor vastly underestimated ;
• The Greenhouse effect is the only phenomenon in Physics (absorption of IR radiations by some gases) that is so
badly defined and intentionally kept confusing ;
• Water and water vapor, the main player, is dismissed as it resists modeling and entails that climate cannot be
forecast beyond what the state of the art in meteorology is already struggling to achieve, i.e. 15 days.
As far as other sciences are concerned (e.g. Astronomy, Geology, etc.):
• Past climates, at all timescales, show that the climate has always changed for natural causes;
• Solar and orbital variations are among the main causes that drive the climate;
• Sea Level changes measured since 1907 show no acceleration (1mm y-1), half of it being originated by steric
effects415 and are greatly exaggerated by selectively picking starting and ending dates at a hollow and a top of a
temporal local sinusoidal wave and used as a politically sensitive argument to strike minds and threaten people
into submission to the AGW theory ;
• Natural climatic oscillations ENSO (El Niño - La Niña), AMO, NAO, PDO are much more relevant to climate than
CO2 concentration ;
• Glaciers have been receding since the end of the LIA and long before anthropic emission became significant
and no acceleration is noticeable. Arctic and Antarctic, considered jointly, are stable. The North-West Passage,
a good proxy for Arctic sea-ice extent, was open to shipping in 1945, and Amundsen passed through in a sailing
vessel in 1903;
• Extreme events remain within known boundaries;
• The acidification of the oceans is a myth;
• Major volcanic eruptions can be disruptive but are dismissed;
• The biosphere benefits of the little plus that a small increase of CO2 brings and the risk is a lack of CO2 as it is
the gas of life, nothing less!
Climate models are deluding as they give a false impression of established science based on irrefutable computer
calculations, but:
• Climate Models have even failed to account for recent past observations;
• They are tinkered with to try to fit non-scientific objectives ;
• They use data which are adjusted, or tampered with;
• They have little or no validity, beyond the 15 days meteorological forecast horizon, as they are just fit for
political objectives.
Policies that will result from the dogma will be deceitful and will destroy western economies and our ways of living with
no reasons:
• Many people aim benefit surreptitiously from these coercive policies for their personal gains whilst claiming
the “general good of the population” as their motivation;
• Prophets of doom have been making false claims for decades. They bank on the emotional response of the
people to propagate their misguided prophecies that have never come about in reality;
• Deceitful political messages have ignored factual information and deceived people intentionally;
• Thought police have been more active than ever in treating non-conforming scientists as political opponents,
discouraging and/or even silencing them with threats.
You want more political ecology, go on, but do not come back later saying that you have not been warned! Eco-fascism,
as all previous forms of fascisms have demonstrated416 starts with the enactment of a “state of emergency”417, and then
will run its course crushing people for their own sake...


How the President’s Constitutional approach will win back the stolen election:

1. The Trump Campaign, RNC, various state GOP Parties, and third party organizations are filing county, state, and federal lawsuits contesting the documented election fraud.

2. The objective is to strategically get hundreds of thousands of ballots invalidated.

3. A secondary objective is to publicly expose corruption in the election to both State Reps and US House and Senate Leaders. This is crucial for the next strategic step.

4. There was success in having 73 million Trump supporters engaged and working behind the scenes, as two polls show 60% of the US now believe fraud occurred and only 49% believe Biden won (Polls 37-32 D:R bias).

5. MSM calls are merely projections of how a state voted in the popular vote. In the end, that means little. Keep in mind, NOTHING is counted yet! Win or lose in court –
it doesn’t matter - the next step is the GOP State Legislatures in the contested states.

6. On December 14, 2020, Certified Electors from each state cast their ballots for the next President and VP. What many do not realize is they vote in their home state and their vote is sealed until January 6th.

7. The State Legislators have the Constitutional authority (Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 and 3 U.S. Code § 2 and § 5) to appoint their own slate of Electors, loyal to President Trump, if they deem their state’s “POPULAR VOTE IS CORRUPTED”.

8. If the State GOP Legislature concludes that the popular vote has been corrupted, they appoint a competing slate of electors, loyal to President Trump, and then there are 20 state electors for Biden and 20 for Trump.

9. The precedent for this is the 1876 Election when four states each sent competing Democrat and Republican Electoral votes, sealed, to D.C.

10. On January 6, the 12th Amendment to the Constitution specifies that the President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted.

11. That means that in the case of disputes about competing electoral slates, the President of the Senate—Vice President Pence—would appear to have the ultimate authority to decide which to accept and which to reject. This is supported by 3 U.S. Code § 15. [TRUMP WINS!]

12. This is a de facto check on the Electoral College, which few realize because it only happened in 1876. [A Republic, not a Democracy]

13. If at that point, nobody gets to 270, the 12th Amendment stipulates that the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote.

14. Republicans have a state majority with 26 (30 in the new Congress) out of 50.

15. Trump has clearly discussed and been briefed on a strategy to contest the election via Constitutional means, first through the courts and then through the House. Remember Trump saying at a rally Sept. 26 in PA: “And I don’t want to end up in the Supreme Court and I don’t want to go back to Congress either, even though we have an advantage if we go back to Congress — does everyone understand that? I think it’s 26 to 22 or something because it’s counted one vote per state, so we actually have an advantage. Oh, they’re going to be thrilled to hear that!”
A CLEAR INDICATION that this was his PLAN all along - knowing they would cheat!

16. This would explain Senate majority leader McConnell’s resolute backing of President Trump. It is clear, McConnell, who is shrewd and believes in raw power, knows POTUS is on solid Constitutional ground. McConnell’s later giving in to Biden means nothing (smoke and mirrors). He will hold the GOP caucus in line!

17. In a contested 2020 election, like the election of 1876, the Republican Senate and Democratic House would disagree on which electors to accept. This is called a ‘disputation’ Constitution. [A Republic, not a Democracy]

18. Under the Constitution, there exists no mechanism to resolve a dispute in which the two houses of Congress cannot agree upon a certified set of electors, and there is no Constitutional role for the courts, including the Supreme Court. This is another crucial point: Court cases are filed only to establish election fraud. Hence, Trump’s Sept. 26 references to “FIRST the COURTS, then the HOUSE” (see above).

19. The House and Senate GOP (McCarthy & McConnell) shall argue under the language of the 12th Amendment, the President of the Senate—Vice President Mike Pence—has the sole discretion to break a deadlock between the Senate and the House, and to either accept or dismiss disputed electors.

20. Republicans will point to the historical pedigree of the VP’s position, observing that the GOP made the same argument during the election of 1876.

21. Given the language of the Twelfth Amendment, whatever its ambiguity and potential policy objections, there is no other possible single authority to identify for this purpose besides the President of the Senate to act as the arbiter of any disputes and break deadlocks.

22. Within Pence's powers, he could either accept the competing slates of electors submitted or dismiss them as disputed and not have them counted. A reduced total still delivers Trump a victory BECAUSE IT DEPRIVES BIDEN OF 270. This is another crucial point.

23. If 270 is not reached, then under the 12th amend, the House of Representatives shall "choose immediately", in this scenario, reelecting President Trump to a second term because, as stated above, the GOP controls the House delegation majority. [A Republic, not a Democracy]

24. What the American people must do is the JAN. 6 MARCH in D.C. that will FORCE the Congress to set this compromised ELECTION aside and vote, not for the fraudulent, but for the real winner of this election:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 27. des.

Så får vi se da......kjøp mye popcorn  8)

Jo Nova ar mye interessant:
Premature Certification: there were 200,000 more votes than people who voted in Pennsylvania
A smart thermostat spy in voting machines sent data direct to China


Eight 'Screaming Red Flags' From The 2020 Election That Deserved Criminal Inquiry
Tyler Durden's Photo
THURSDAY, DEC 24, 2020 - 16:30
Authored by Sharyl Attkisson, op-ed via The Epoch Times,

The presidential election is no casual, unimportant event. Polling shows that, today, the public’s confidence in the 2020 elections, polling, law enforcement, media, and government are largely shaken.

For that reason, the widespread claims of election irregularities and fraud should have been taken more seriously by government officials and law enforcement, and promptly and aggressively investigated. Today, there are hundreds of witnesses, declarations, sworn statements, and videos that continue to raise questions about the integrity of the results.

It’s untrue that most of the claims have been dispelled by courts. By and large, there’s been no opportunity for witnesses to testify or present evidence to a judge or jury. More importantly, perhaps, there’s been no way to collect evidence of alleged fraud without the tools of a criminal inquiry, such as subpoenas, depositions, and the ability to compel forensic exams.

If legitimate and transparent investigations were to find the witnesses who claim fraud or irregularities are mistaken or not telling the truth, the inquiries would serve the crucial purpose of assuring the public that the claims were thoroughly investigated but found to be unsupportable or false.

The following are eight examples of screaming red flags that begged for a prompt, thorough criminal inquiry.

1. Ballots Allegedly Trucked Across State Lines
The FBI has a role in determining whether an interstate crime occurred, and who is responsible, if hundreds of thousands of ballots were trucked from New York to Pennsylvania, as a firsthand witness states.

It should be simple for law enforcement to get to the bottom of it by finding out who hired the truck and moved the cargo, or showing that the story is made up or a misunderstanding.

2. Subtracted Votes
There are several reported accounts of vote switching in real time, as shown on television, supposedly an example of how mischief can occur.

It would not be difficult for an investigative team to track down what happened in the specific instances and, if verified, it implicates more switching could have happened undetected.

3. Vote Count Pauses
Vote counting was oddly paused in several states. If, as some claim, it was done so that Joe Biden’s ballot deficit could be figured and erased, it would point to a coordinated effort.

It would not be difficult for criminal investigators to question decision makers at each location and find out who they communicated with. This could prove or dispel the notion of a coordinated scheme.

4. Fulton County, Georgia’s Mysterious Water Pipe Break
Fulton County is a special case since the reason given for a major vote pause, and the reason uncritically accepted and reported by many in the press, was that a water pipe burst and interrupted the count. However, the story morphed over weeks, and a state investigator ultimately concluded there was no pipe burst that would have interrupted any counting. No good public explanation for this discrepancy has been provided by a credible authority.

It would not be difficult for criminal investigators to identify and question whoever called the vote count suspension, and then moved forward with counting after some observers were dismissed.

5. Blocked Observation
There are widespread accounts from Republican election observers, and some Democrats, about being allegedly blocked from seeing what was going on. It would make sense for a law enforcement authority to question who was at the top of the organizational chain at each location where this is credibly claimed by a witness in a declaration or sworn statement, and find out how the official decided to determine and deploy the rules for observation.

It would not be difficult to learn whether there was a coordinated effort or, in the alternative, to hold accountable anyone at the local level who improperly shielded ballot counting from observers.

6. Voting Machines
In recent testimony to the Michigan state legislature, Dominion Voting Systems’ CEO stated he saw no credible claims of fraud. But when asked how it can be proved that bad actors didn’t impact and infiltrate voting systems, he advocated the idea of audits and even machine examinations to answer those outstanding questions. He even said this is the common way such questions are answered.

For the sake of public confidence, it would be prudent to have a credible law enforcement body conduct forensic exams and audits of the machines and software to rule out interference by third parties, or any other illegalities or mischief.

7. Mail-in Ballots
Numerous witnesses from the postal service as well as at polling precincts have provided specific information about allegedly being instructed to falsely date, add birth dates, or otherwise improperly alter mail-in ballots, or have testified about hearing plans to do so. This is an important and easy issue for criminal investigative authorities to nail down one way or the other.

8. Backdoor Ballots
The midnight dumps of tens of thousands of ballots in key swing states overturning the Trump lead could be perfectly legitimate. However, it’s unusual to say the least. And so, in this environment, it’s important that a criminal investigative body conduct at least a preliminary inquiry in places where witnesses observed what they considered to be suspicious behavior or ballots.

It should not be difficult to track the chain of custody and show they’re legitimate or, if not, find out who transported them.

Finding evidence that dispels mischief is as equally important as an investigation that finds wrongdoing. The simple declaration that there’s nothing to investigate, or having people who have no way to know the truth call the claims “conspiracy theories,” is unlikely to dismiss widespread concerns and may, in fact, heighten mistrust.

Trump forklarer hvorfor han ikke godkjenner valget og summerer opp indikasjonene på fusk.
Verdt å lytte til i 13 min.

Avslørende bilder i denne artikkelen:

Does a surveillance video prove Georgia election fraud?

Gina, Gina
anyone seen her?
Succumbed to mad lust,
went for a Bratwurst.
Got a bad hurt
in hot-dog Frankfurt.
Now she's a mystery,
in mustarded custody?
Oh say can we see
her soon on TV?

Det er 2 ting man helst ikke vil vite noe om, og det hvordan pølser og politikk lages.

Advokat Powell har tilsynelatende ingen egeninteresse av å fremme klagene og påstandene om valgjuks for rettssystemet. Hun tar en stor risiko, ikke minst økonomisk ved motsøksmål. Dominion har tilbakevist anklagene om juks, men HVORFOR AVVISTE TEXAS DOMINION?
Texas has three times rejected use of ballot counting software from the company Dominion Voting Systems (DVS), according to a report from the Secretary of State’s (SOS) office dated January of this year.
The report of review for the latest software, “Democracy Suite 5.5-A,” by Deputy Secretary of State Jose Esparza states, “Specifically, the examiner reports raise concerns about whether the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system is sui
table for its intended purpose; operates efficiently and accurately; and is safe from fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation.”


INFOGRAPHIC: The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in Georgia
So easy to consume, even Democrats can understand...

Jo Nova:

The Kraken is released on Georgia and Michigan

Sidney Powell has dropped the bombshell cases in Georgia and Michigan
These cases are specifically suing the State officials. In Georgia, they are going after the Governor, Brian Kemp, and the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger. In Michigan, it is also the Governor, Gretchen Whitmer and Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson.

“The scheme and artifice to defraud was for the purpose of illegally and fraudulently manipulating the vote count to make certain the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States.”

John Solomon on JustTheNews

Powell’s (Georgia) suit made a variety of allegations, including that:
At least 96,600 absentee ballots were requested and counted but were never recorded as being returned to county election boards by the voter. “Thus, at a minimum, 96,600 votes must be disregarded,” the suit said.
Kemp and Raffensperger “rushed through the purchase of Dominion voting machines and software in 2019 for the 2020 Presidential Election” without due diligence and disregarded safety concerns.
“There is incontrovertible physical evidence that the standards of physical security of the voting machines and the software were breached, and machines were connected to the internet in violation of professional standards and state and federal laws.”
Fulton County election workers used a claim of a water leak to evacuate poll watchers and workers for several hours on Election night, even as “several election workers remained unsupervised and unchallenged working at the computers for the voting tabulation machines until after 1:00 AM.
State officials in a settlement with Democratic parties made changes to election procedures that violated both state law and the U.S. Constitution.

I dag:
Judge Blocks Certification of Pennsylvania Election Results

Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough ordered the state to not take any further steps to complete the certification of the presidential race, which the state announced on Tuesday. She also blocked the certification of all the other election results.

“To the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States of America, respondents are preliminarily enjoined from doing so, pending an evidentiary hearing to be held on Friday,” the judge wrote in her order (pdf).

Når det er antall stemmer kommer som desimaltall, da er det virkelig noe galt på ferde:

Election Fraud You Can See

Specifics: Strong Evidence of Electronic Election Fraud

Decimals in Vote Tallies

Tabulation software in use in the 2020 election in at least 28 states explicitly authorized in operating instruction manuals provided by the software vendor -- the use of weighting algorithms to tally votes.

Actual tallies in Michigan’s public records show weighted numbers of votes received, showing vote tallies in fractional numbers -- e.g. a tally of 1,615,707.52 votes for candidate X and 1,925,865.66 votes for candidate Y.

These numbers are not vote total percentages for one candidate or another, which would logically include decimals.  These are reports of vote totals. With decimals. There is no logical place for decimals in a system that is supposed to be counting one person, one vote. Vote counts with decimals establish that the system used algorithms.  They prove the actual vote tally has been manipulated.

+mye mer

Flere datakyndige melder seg på:

Patrick Byrne of Overstock has been pouring through the data: This election was rigged — deeply

Med følgende påstand:

The five city “Drop and Roll” technique of vote fraud
In the Drop and roll technique, they shut the voting down, calculate what they need, then drop a batch in to “Catch up”. After that they roll out for example, 53 batches in a row and each batch measures exactly 51.2% for Biden and 48.8% for Trump and they roll that difference forward. All this will be released tomorrow.

The five cities where the deep cheating went on:    Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Maracopa County, Arizona. They hide behind black regions so then they will call you a racist if you question it.

Noe for dataspesialist stjakobs å vurdere troverdigheten av?

Her er et vitneutsagn:

Shocking Affidavit: How Big Tech Stole The U.S. Presidential Election

The sworn testimony of Russell James Ramsland, Jr., a management team member of Allied Security Operations Group, LLC. (ASOG), was uploaded to website

An expert in his field, Ramsland provided a detailed overview of the investigation his company performed concerning potential cyber security threats during the 2020 election cycle.

Geir Hasnes har en meget god artikkel:
Innføring i valgfusk og valget i USA som praktisk eksempel

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