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Title: Flashback til Cancun 2010, forby DHMO!
Post by: ConTrari1 on 28.06.2020, 21:59:27
Ubetalelig klimahumor her:

The second project was as successful as the first. It was euphemistically entitled “Petition to Ban the Use of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO)” (translation water). It was designed to show that if official U.N. delegates could be duped by college students into banning water, that they could essentially fall for anything, including pseudo-scientific studies which claim to show that global warming is man-caused.

Despite the apparently not-so-obvious reference to H2O, almost every delegate that collegian students approached signed their petition to ban that all too dangerous substance, which contributes to the greenhouse effect, is the major substance in acid rain, and is fatal if inhaled.


Flere som har hatt det gøy med dette:
On April Fool’s Day in 2013, a pair of Florida disc jockeys got themselves into a bit of hot water with station management for prankishly warning their listeners that “dihydrogen monoxide” — another name for that life-giving substance we identify as H2O, or more commonly, “water” — was coming out of local residents’ taps:

The radio station’s joke involved that “dihydrogen monoxide” was coming out of county residents’ taps.The joke immediately got the attention of Patty DiPiero from Lee County Utilities. She said Lee County residents began calling the utility saying they heard on the station that county water was unsafe and should not be used for drinking, showering or for any use.